QR Codes

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So Many Options in Using QR Codes

There are 2 types of QR Codes. Static and Dynamic.
Static QR Codes are created and their function cannot be changed.
Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, can have their function changed ‘at will’, even after your fridge magnets, brochures, business cards etc, have been printed.

Imagine having advertising which never goes ‘stale’.

My personal favourite is the use of QR Codes on fridge magnets.

Hypothetical Scenario : You have a Pizza Business . Every Tuesday you have a special offer for your customers. Every Tuesday your customers scan the QR Code on their fridge magnet which downloads that day’s / week’s special offer to their smartphone.
You can set up your special offers to rotate, set up a whole year’s specials at one time or change them ‘on the fly’.

For clubs , schools and more : Keep members up to date with news, specials, events . All they have to do is scan the club magnet which is on their fridge and they have they latest news or changes.

Other Uses for QR Codes:


  • On your business cards… how many times does it happen that you’d like to change something that you’ve put on your business cards AFTER they have been printed ? …
    If you’re like me… quite often.
  • Car signs
  • Table Top Signs
  • Brochures
  • Websites – your business card details downloaded straight into their smartphone, in their pocket… where it will stay for probably a very long time.
  • Product Labels
  • House Sale signs – selling your house privately ? Put a QR Code on your sign which takes the prospective buyer to images and / or a video of your property of the interior.
    Prospective buyers can check it out right on the curb !
  • Pet Tags – All your contact & dog / cat details on their collar

Prices for QR Codes start at  Static- $65 setup,  Dynamic -$85 setup ,
Plus $35 p.a. for Hosting  for up to  5 QR Codes ( prices ex GST)