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Why are Mobile-Friendly Websites so Important Now ?

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile-Friendly   |      Dark But Easy to Navigate  |         Not So Easy to Read

Google is in the business of giving their customers the best search experience they can provide. That is why they are #1 in their field.

Currently with 60% of searches being performed on a mobile device Google is implementing their latest algorithm update, which is... sites that do not provide their customers with the best results they are searching for, meaning if they can't read or use your website easily on their mobile device,  Google is not going to load your site anywhere near page  #1 .

Google began this is mid November 2014, but after April 21st, 2015, it will be fully in place and any sites not passing their mobile-friendly test WILL be penalised.

Having a Responsive website may
not necessarily 'do the job.
You need to have your website
checked, to be sure.

By having your website mobile optimised or a separate site that is mobile or "fat finger " friendly, you are giving your customers an easy on the eye and easy to navigate mobile shopping experience. If your customers find your site difficult on their mobile device they will hop right on over to your competition or put off their purchasing urge.

Any business which is in a location which is tourist oriented, should prioritise making their web presence mobile-friendly and those businesses which still do not have any online presence at all will be seriously affecting their sales. As you can bet that close to 100% of tourists will be using their smartphone , iPad or similar, on their travels .........
Make it easy for them to find and purchase from you.

60% of Online Searches are on mobile devices